NameExport Permit for Plant or Plant-based Products
DescriptionExporters are required to apply for the export permit to the National Directorate of Quarantine and Biosecurity, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry (MAPPF).
CommentsExporters are required to apply for the export permit to the National Directorate of Quarantine and Biosecurity, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry (MAPPF).
Validity From2003-01-01
Validity To0002-12-02
Technical Code
Measure TypePermit Requirement
AgencyQuarantine and Biosecurity Unit (QBU)
Legal Document- Decree- Law No. 36/2023 Phytosanitary and Quarantine
Is StandardNo
UN Code(not set)
Measure ClassGood
Created Datetime2024-02-05 02:24:19
Updated Datetime2024-02-05 02:24:54
# Procedure Name Description Category View Detail
# Title Description Issued By File
# HS Code Description
3 06011000 Bulbs, plants, dormant, Corms, plants, dormant, Crowns, plants, dormant, Rhizomes, plants, dormant, Roots, tuberous, dormant
4 06012000 Bulb, anemone (bulbous species), in flower, Bulb, anemone (bulbous species), in growth, Bulb, begonia, in flower, Bulb, begonia, in growth, Bulb, canna, in flower, Bulb, canna, in growth, Bulb, dahlia, in flower, Bulb, dahlia, in growth, Bulb, plants, in
5 06021000 Cuttings, unrooted, bushes, Cuttings, unrooted, orchids, Cuttings, unrooted, rubber wood, Cuttings, unrooted, shrubs, Slips, unrooted, bushes, Slips, unrooted, orchids, Slips, unrooted, rubber wood, Slips, unrooted, shrubs
6 06022000 Bushes, live, of kinds which bear edible fruit or nuts, Shrubs, live, of kinds which bear edible fruit or nuts
7 06023000 Azaleas, live, Rhododendron, green, live
8 06024000 Roses, live
9 06029000 Cuttings, rooted, orchids, live, Plants, aquarium, live, Seedlings, orchid, live, Slips, rooted, orchids, live, Stumps, budded, rubber, live
10 06031100 Buds, flower, cut, roses, fresh, Flowers, cut, roses, fresh
11 06031200 Buds, flower, cut, Carnations fresh, Flowers, cut, Carnations fresh
12 06031300 Buds, flower, cut, chrysanthemums, fresh, Buds, flower, cut, orchid, fresh, Flowers, cut, chrysanthemums, fresh, Flowers, cut, orchid, fresh, Wreaths, orchid flowers or buds, fresh
13 06031400 Fresh flowers Of Chrysanthemums
14 06031500 Fresh flowers Of Lilies (Lilium spp.)
15 06031900 Fresh flowers Of Other
16 06039000 Buds: flower, bleached, bouquets, flower, bleached, for ornamental purposes, flower, dried, bouquets, flower, dried, for ornamental purposes, flower, dyed, bouquets, flower, dyed, for ornamental purposes, flower, impregnated, bouquet, flower, impre
17 06042000 Grasses, fresh, Trees, christmas, fresh
18 06049000 Grasses, bleached, Grasses, dried, Grasses, dyed
19 07011000 Seeds, potato, chilled, Seeds, potato, fresh
20 07019000 Potatoes, chilled, Potatoes, fresh
21 07020000 Tomatoes, chilled, Tomatoes, fresh
22 07031000 Bulbs, Onions and shallots, for propagation, Bulbs, shallots, for propagation, Onions chilled, excluding bulbs for propagation, Onions fresh, excluding bulbs for propagation, Shallots, chilled, excluding bulbs for propagation, Shallots, fresh, Shallots,
23 07032000 Bulbs, garlic, for propagation, Garlic, chilled, excluding bulbs for propagation, Garlic, fresh, excluding bulbs for propagation
24 07039000 Bulbs, chives, for propagation, Bulbs, leeks, for propagation, Chives, chilled, excluding bulbs for propagation, Chives, fresh, excluding bulbs for propagation, Leeks, chilled, excluding bulbs for propagation, Leeks, fresh, excluding bulbs for propagation
25 07041000 Broccoli, headed, chilled, Broccoli, headed, fresh, Cauliflowers, chilled, Cauliflowers, fresh
26 07042000 Sprouts, brussels, chilled, Sprouts, brussels, fresh
27 07049000 Brassicas, sprouting, chilled, Brassicas, sprouting, fresh, Broccoli sprouting, chilled, Broccoli sprouting, fresh, Broccoli, chilled, excluding headed broccoli, Broccoli, fresh, excluding headed broccoli, Collards, chilled, Collards, fresh, Kale, chilled
28 07051100 Lettuce, cabbage, chilled, Lettuce, cabbage, fresh, Lettuce, head, chilled, Lettuce, head, fresh
29 07051900 Lettuce, chilled, excluding cabbage lettuce and head lettuce, Lettuce, fresh, excluding cabbage lettuce and head lettuce
30 07052100 Chicory, witloof, chilled, Chicory, witloof, fresh
31 07052900 Chicory, chilled, excluding witloof chicory, Chicory, fresh, excluding witloof chicory
32 07061000 Carrots, chilled, Carrots, fresh, Turnips, chilled, Turnips, fresh
33 07069000 Beetroots, salad, chilled, Beetroots, salad, fresh, Celeriac, chilled, Celeriac, fresh, Radishes, chilled, Radishes, fresh, Salsify, chilled, Salsify, fresh
34 07070000 Cucumbers, chilled, Cucumbers, fresh, Gherkins, chilled, Gherkins, fresh
35 07081000 Peas, chilled, Peas, fresh
36 07082000 Beans (Vigna spp., phaseolus spp.)
37 07089000 Lentils, chilled, Lentils, fresh
38 07092000 Asparagus, chilled, Asparagus, fresh
39 07093000 Aubergines, chilled, Aubergines, fresh, Brinjals, fresh, Egg-plants, chilled
40 07094000 Celery, chilled, excluding celeriac, Celery, fresh, excluding celeriac
41 07095100 Mushrooms, genus Agaricus, chilled, Mushrooms, genus Agaricus, fresh
42 07095900 Mushrooms and truffles Other
43 07096000 Capsicum, chilled, Capsicum, fresh, Chilled peppers, Chillies, chilled, excluding giant chillies, Chillies, fresh, excluding giant chillies, Chillies, giant, chilled, Chillies, giant, fresh, Fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus pimenta, Pepper, be
44 07097000 Spinach, chilled, Spinach, fresh, Spinach, New Zealand, chilled, Spinach, New Zealand, fresh, Spinach, orache, chilled, Spinach, orache, chilled
45 07099100 Artichokes, globe, chilled, Artichokes, globe, fresh
46 07099200 Olives
47 07099300 Pumpkins, squash and gourds (Cucurbita spp.)
48 07101000 Chips, potato, boiled, frozen, Chips, potato, steamed, frozen, Chips, potato, uncooked, frozen, Potatoes, boiled, frozen, Potatoes, steamed, frozen, Potatoes, uncooked, frozen
49 07102100 Peas, boiled, frozen, Peas, uncooked, frozen
50 07102200 beans, boiled, frozen, beans, uncooked, frozen
51 07102900 efOguminous vegetables, boiled, frozen, efOguminous vegetables, uncooked, frozen
52 07103000 Spinachs, boiled, frozen, Spinachs, uncooked, frozen
53 07104000 Sweet corn, boiled, frozen, Sweet corn, uncooked, frozen
54 07108000 Asparagus, boiled, frozen, Asparagus, uncooked, frozen, Beetroots, boiled, frozen, Beetroots, uncooked, frozen, Broccoli, spear, boiled, frozen, Broccoli, spear, uncooked, frozen, Carrots, boiled, frozen, Carrots, uncooked, frozen
55 07109000 Mixtures of vegetables
56 07112000 Olives, provisionally preserved by sulphur dioxide gas, unsuitable for immediate consumption, Olives, provisionally preserved, unsuitable for immediate consumption , excluding olives provisionally preserved by sulphur dioxide gas
57 07114000 Cucumbers and gherkins
58 07115100 Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus
59 07115900 Mushrooms and truffles Other
60 07119000 Other vegetables; mixtures of vegetables
61 07122000 Onions dried, Onions powder
62 07123100 Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus
63 07123200 Wood ears, dried
64 07123300 Jelly fungi, dried
65 07123900 Mushrooms: Dried truffles, pine, dried, broken, pine, dried, cut, pine, dried, powder, pine, dried, sliced, pine, dried, whole, pine, freeze-dried, broken, pine, freeze-dried, cut, pine, freeze-dried, powder, pine, freeze-dried, sliced, pine, fr
66 07129011 Garlic Dry Neither crushed nor ground, Dry Garilic Neither crushed nor ground
67 07129012 Garlic Dry Crushed or ground, Dry Garilic Crushed or ground
68 07129090 Garlic, dried other, Potatoes, dried, not further prepared, Shoots, bamboo, dried, Dry Garilic Other, Bulbs, lily, dried, not further prepared, Flowers, lily, dried
69 07131000 Peas, dried, excluding peas for sowing, Peas, dried, for sowing
70 07132000 Dried chickpea, for sowing, Dried chickpea, not for sowing, Dried garbanzos, for sowing, Dried garbanzos, not for sowing
71 07133100 Dried black matpe beans, for sowing, Dried black matpe beans, not for sowing, Dried mung beans, for sowing, Dried mung beans, not for sowing
72 07133200 Dried Adzuki beans, for sowing, Dried Adzuki beans, not for sowing
73 07133300 Dried kidney beans, for sowing, Dried kidney beans, not for sowing
74 07133400 Bambara beans (Vigna subterranea or Voandzeia subterranea)
75 07133500 Cow peas (Vigna unguiculata)
76 07133900 Masyang(Jhilangi)
77 07134000 Dried lentils, for sowing, Dried lentils, not for sowing
78 07135000 Dried broad beans, for sowing, Dried broad beans, not for sowing, Dried horse beans, for sowing, Dried horse beans, not for sowing
79 07136000 Pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan)
80 07139000 Other vegetables,Dried, shelled, whether or not skinned or split
81 07141000 Tapioca (manioc), sliced or in the form of pellets, excluding dried chips
82 07142000 Sweet Potatoes
83 07143000 Yams (Dioscorea spp.)
84 07144000 Taro (Colocasia spp.)
85 07145000 Yautia (Xanthosoma spp.)
86 07149000 Arrowroot, salep, Jerusalem artichokes, similar roots and tubers with high starch or inulin content, fresh, chilled, frozen or dried, whether or not sliced or in the form of pellets; sago pith
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