The objective of this report is to identify the commodities subject to import, transit or export control by Government Agencies (OGAs), other than the Customs Authority (CA). The report describes all the specific regulatory requirements and outlines the related procedural and documentary requirements. The report aims to serve as a reference document for the Fiscal Reform Commission (FRC) and the USAID Customs Reform Project (CRP) as they develop the Timor-Leste Trade Information Portal (TLTIP), in line with the Government of Timor-Leste (GOTL) commitment to providing open and transparent access to import and export related information, to the trading community and public, in conformity with Article 1 of the WTO TFA. This online portal will list all the relevant regulatory requirements and procedures relating to the import, transit, or export of goods for both Customs and OGA’s.

The TLTIP will be developed as part of the GOTL commitment to ensure open and transparent access to all trade related information to traders, potential traders and civil society. This is consistent with the GOTL commitment to join the WTO and ASEAN. Against this background the GOTL has committed (with Government Resolution 24/2017) to comply with Article 10.4 of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). The development of the TLTIP represents an essential step for the implementation of the National Single Window (NSW). Implementing the NSW will require OGAs with regulatory responsibility for imports and exports to the customs territory of Timor-Leste to re-engineer their processes to be streamlined with the Directorate General of Customs Authority (DGCA).

Mapping the existing laws, regulations and processes applied by OGAs represents an essential milestone in developing the online portal. The OGAs include: Ministry of Agriculture (Quarantine, Biosecurity and Veterinary Services), Ministry of Health, National Petroleum Authority, Ministry of Commerce, Department of Foreign Trade and Land Transport Department, Ministry of Transport. 

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1 Timor-Leste Import and Export Regulations Administered by Government Agencies: USAID PDF
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