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This page is your go-to resource for potential exporters from Timor-Leste. It covers everything from starting your business to exporting goods, including all the essential info and legal guidelines you'll need.


Business Registration

To engage in commercial import or export activities in Timor-Leste, an individual must initially register their business with the Serviço de Registo e Verificação Empresarial (SERVE). The business registration procedure in Timor-Leste aims to be completed within a maximum timeframe of 5 days. 

Please click here to see the procedure for Business Registration.


Tax Identification Number Registration

All persons wishing to carry out business in Timor-Leste are required to obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) from Autoridade Tributária Timor-Leste (ATTL). There are several categories of persons subject to TIN registration such as, individuals, companies, undivided estates, trusts, partnerships, government enterprises, associations, cooperatives, and similar organizations. 

Please click here to see the procedure for TIN registration


Export License from the Ministry of Commerce and Industries

Individuals and business entities exporting goods on a commercial basis are required to obtain authorization from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI). 

Please click here to see the procedure for Export License


Trader Registration

To export specific goods, the exporter must register with the relevant authority overseeing those commodities.

Click here Exporter/ Importer License from the Regulating Commission of Pharmaceutical Activities

Click here Granting, Amendment, and Renewal of Downstream Activities Licenses


Export Procedure

  • Broker uploads the Declaracao Aduaneira Unica (DAU), Supporting Documents, and Self-assessment.
  • There are four types of Custom lanes Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red
  • DAUs going through the Green Lane ASYCUDA WORLD will be released without further scrutiny.
  • DAUs going through the Yellow lane normally the documents are inspected for compliance.
  • DAUs going through the Orange Lane consignment will be subjected to an X-ray scan
  • DAUs going through the Red lane are required to be thoroughly inspected physically
  • Validation of the “Export Released” process is completed in the ASYCUDA WORLD system
  • Container is loaded to the vessel and released

The export process shown below is developed by Timor-Leste Customs. To learn more about each step, just click on each icon. You can access and download the full standard operating procedure for exporting goods here.


Timor-Leste Electronic Single Window

It enables traders to upload all trade-related documents and access pertinent trade information through a single electronic portal. The TILeSW presently links eight government agencies in charge of authorizing the clearance of goods from customs. You can use TILeSW services to;

  • Complete the Customs Clearance
  • Obtain Certificate of Origin

Please click here to access the TILeSW system


Prohibited Goods

Prohibited goods may include, but are not limited to:

·      Illegal narcotics

·      Firearms

·      Explosives

·      Knifes

Goods that are prohibited to Export from Timor-Leste are likely to be detained by Timor-Leste Customs, and the exporter may also be liable for a financial penalty, arrest, and prosecution at court.


Controlled/ Restricted Goods

Restricted goods may include, but are not limited to, certain types of:

•        Medications

•        Vehicles

•        Plastics

•        Foodstuffs

Before exporting controlled or restricted goods from Timor-Leste, an exporter should ensure that the goods have the necessary authorization or permits issued by appropriate authorities, and have complied with the appropriate measures for exportation. To determine what goods are controlled or restricted at exportation from Timor-Leste, go to the ‘Measures’ link of the Timor-Leste Trade Portal.

Export Valuation

There is no revenue (tax and duties) collected for exported goods. Additionally, there is no longer ASYCUDA WORLD fee to submit the DAU.


Note: Have a look at the Exporter Guide of Trade Invest for more information. 

TradeInvest Timor-Leste is a Government Public Institute responsible for Investment and Export Promotion. TradeInvest's goal is to facilitate and support potential investors and exporters located in Timor-Leste and assist foreign companies in identifying projects in the vast array of business opportunities that are emerging in Timor-Leste.



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