Top Import Origins 

The country primarily imports from Indonesia, which shares a land border with Timor-Leste, and contributes around 70% of total imports. The remaining imports come from Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Portugal. Indonesia is the primary source of food items, such as rice, vegetables, and fruits for Timor-Leste. Meanwhile, Australia supplies Timor-Leste with petroleum, which is a crucial commodity for the country's energy needs. China and Singapore export manufactured goods, while Malaysia and Portugal export textiles and handicrafts, respectively. Overall, Timor-Leste relies heavily on Indonesian imports, with other countries providing essential goods to support its economy.




Top Export Destinations

Timor-Leste's top export destinations include countries like Indonesia, China, and Thailand. The majority of the country's exports are oil and gas, which make up over 90% of its total exports. Other significant exports include coffee, sandalwood, and seafood. While Indonesia remains Timor-Leste's largest trading partner, the country has been working to diversify its export markets over the past few years. In recent years, Timor-Leste has signed a number of trade agreements with countries like Australia and New Zealand, which may help to increase its exports to these regions. Nevertheless, the country's economic growth is still heavily dependent on the oil and gas industry, making it vulnerable to fluctuations in the global energy market.




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