Commodity and Tariff Search

Search for import duties or tariffs by simply typing the description of the commodity or the known Harmonized System (HS) code. Explore the breakdown of HS codes across different chapters to narrow down your search. This breakdown helps you identify the specific category for your commodity. Once you have identified the relevant chapter, select the corresponding eight-digit HS code associated with your commodity. This selection will further refine your search. By selecting the eight-digit HS code, you will find to the associated tariff information which will provide you with the specific duty rate applicable to your commodity.

Note: The commodity descriptions are exclusively provided in English. Consequently, this search feature is functional solely for English texts and does not support Portuguese, Bahasa, or Tetum languages. The tariff information is still under processing and has not been uploaded to the system. Once we receive the data from Timor-Leste Customs, we will promptly upload it to the database.